Welcome to Summit Glass Coatings, llc:

We specialize in Back Painted glass for residential and commercial projects:

At Summit Glass Coatings we offer a vast array of colors to create the mood and look you want for your home or business. We use a special adhesion promoter that creates a bond between the glass and color coating on the surface of your project. While that might not sound like a big deal, it is when it comes to the paint peeling off. Just painting the glass is not enough for Summit Glass Coatings. We required testing in severe conditions to make sure the bond between the glass and coating could withstand the normal use of our products without any risk of failure before we moved forward on this very exciting product line.
We also take the environment very seriously at Summit Glass Coatings. The coatings we use are low in VOC's (volatile organic compounds or solvent) so we reduce the impact on our planet. Please feel free to come by and see this amazing product in our showroom. We can address any specification or requirement you might have.
Our products offer a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. Look around our site for information about glass for your home or commercial project.
Back painted glass uses: Kitchen Backsplash * Vanity Tops * Escalator Walls * White Boards * Mirror Borders * Table Top * Spa Walls * Commercial Interiors * Wardrobe Doors * Pillars * Cabinet Doors * Signs * Bathroom Vanity